The 7 Must-have Nutrients for Gorgeous, Healthy Hair
7 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Hair

The 7 Must-have Nutrients for Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

Hair that is healthy and beautiful is more sought-after than the perfect pair of jeans but is also more difficult to find like the ultimate avocado.

Although we’re not all in awe of the Pantene lady for being gorgeous, however, we do have some lust at what she does when she flings her hair around in a slow-mo.

Why? Because when we swivel our dry hair, which is brittle, damaged, or simply damaged hair around, it is confined to one location. Then we try to swing it in the opposite direction, to check if it was just a fluke in order however, it’s not. Kinda’s just a steady state.

What should a girl do to bring those frizzy locks back to commercially viable? EAT!

Although I enjoy exploring the latest products for beauty and I believe in a lot of items, I believe that my knowledge can help everyone by addressing the root of our problems. Therefore, when it comes to having good hair I go to my fork instead of the expensive product in a bottle.

The healthier you’re on your insides, the better you’ll appear from the outside. Hair is no different.

7 Nutrients You NEED for Healthy Hair:

Vitamins B:

Vitamins B

Go on a quest for oatmeal quinoa and brown rice, as well as strawberries and green leafy vegetables. Also Chicken as well as salmon. They are rich in the vitamins B niacin and pantothenic acid, folic acid, and B6 and B12, both of which help in strengthening hair follicles and promoting the circulatory flow of the skin.

They help stimulate hair follicles and develop healthy hair. The combination comprised of B vitamins is vital since all these vitamins interact. Research has shown that B vitamins play an important role in the reduction of hair loss, as well as a decrease in gray hair, as in longer, healthier hair.



It’s rare to see me encouraging you to eat liver but it’s a great source of biotin, also known as one of the B vitamins. Biotin is a subject of particular interest due to its ability to stimulate new cells and in regrowing hair that has been lost.

It’s up in the air about whether or not supplementing with biotin shampoos and other hair products performs the same function as biotin found in your diet, so be sure to take advantage of these amazing sources including eggs, nuts eggs, Swiss Chard, whole grains and the halibut.

Zinc Selenium And Iron:

Zinc Selenium And Iron

Zinc is found in oysters seafood, red meat, legumes, and shellfish. Selenium is plentiful in butter (yes it’s true that a bit of organic grass-fed butter is beneficial! ) and garlic, as well as whole grains, and fish. Iron is also found in dark-colored greens grass-fed beef, sunflower seeds, and even dark chocolate.

The minerals aid the body in healing damaged hair as well as strengthening follicles. Every strand of hair you have, so make sure you eat food that is rich in these minerals to ensure that your stylist is on the right track.

Omega 3s and Protein:

Omega 3s and Protein

You’ll find protein in nuts, seeds, meat, and legumes as well as seafood. Make sure to eat fish for hair, as you need both proteins as well as omega-3s to improve your hair to grow shiny and healthy.

In addition to adding these nutrient-rich foods into the diet of your choice, in case you’re hair is dry side, you shouldn’t wash it every day 3 to 4 times a week is sufficient. The oils in your scalp will help to restore the shine of the hair. So stop scrubbing them off using shampoo each day.

Also, try to limit the use of heat-based tools for styling, like blow dryers and straightening irons (yes ladies, it’s possible!) that can strip hair’s moisture.

If you require instant shine and repair for your hair that is otherwise dull Food comes to your rescue once again. Utilize these ingredients to give your hair instant sparkle. Apply these food items to the dry areas of your hair or even your entire head.

  • Avocado
  • Argan oil
  • Beer
  • Moroccan oil
  • Olive oil

A deficiency in nutrients can be seen in your hair, not only in your mood but also in your friends. When your food regimen is inadequate then taking a multivitamin might not be a bad idea to get the most out of your horse.

There you go. Healthy hair begins with what you put into your mouth. If you’re experiencing an awful hair day, try making it a healthy food day.

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