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Sepiwhite ™ MSH

Sepiwhite ™ MSH is a superb skin lightener and also brightener ideal for all skin types and also ethnic backgrounds that promotes a more uniform and radiant skin with lead to as little as 7 days. Research studies have shown a boost in skin luminance as well as reduce in the number and also shade of hyperpigmented spots, and it can be combined with other energetic ingredients, such as niacinamide or AHAs. Sepiwhite ™ MSH is a lipoamino acid or vectorized important amino acid developed from phenylalanine, an amino acid involved in melanin synthesis. MSH is an alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) receptor agonist established from this amino acid that hinders the process of melanin synthesis from the hypothalamus to create a decrease in melanin pigments in skin cells.

In 2 researches, 1% Sepiwhite ™ MSH was incorporated with 5% niacinamide in lotion. Volunteers reported a reduction in hyperpigmentation after 8 weeks of usage.

In a 8 week research study making use of 2% Sepiwhite ™ MSH alone, 83% of volunteers reported an extra radiant complexion, 73% fewer age spots, 100% lighter age areas, as well as 100% even more even complexion as well as skin tone.

In a 7 day study making use of Sepiwhite ™ MSH alone, volunteers reported hyperpigmentation was reduced by 24% and also skin luminance boosted by 9%.

Sepiwhite ™ MSH. can be incorporated with a variety of other ingredients designed to assist with hyperpigmentation. It can be integrated with AHAs to advertise a much more glowing skin as well as more even skin tone.

In researches utilizing 0.2% Sepiwhite ™ MSH and also 2% ascorbyl glucoside, it doubled the lightning activity causing a 13% decline in melanin pigments.

In a 2 month study using Sepiwhite ™ MSH alone, skin’s luminance was raised by +1.13 L *, a step of skin’s illumination.

Key Benefits.

Advertises a much more uniform and more glowing skin.

Promotes decrease of number as well as shade old areas.

Shown effectiveness for all skin types and also ethnic backgrounds.

Promotes a more also complexion.

Reported visible rises in skin brightness and brightness.


Preservative totally free, paraben cost-free phthalate totally free.

Easily naturally degradable.


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